A city of legends and traditions.

Of the 13 World Heritage Cities to be found in Mexico, Campeche stands apart from the rest for one important reason: it is the only walled city. The hexagonal-shaped defense system, exemplified by forts and strongholds, is reason enough to plan a trip to this destination in south-east Mexico.

If you like architectural spots bursting with color, you’ll find Calle 59 fascinating. This pedestrian walkway runs all the way from Puerta de la Tierra (the Land Gate) to Puerta del Mar (the Sea Gate), two of the four entrance gates to this walled city. Along the walkway are some symbolic buildings such as the Casa del Teniente Rey, or the Church of San Francisco.

Night time also offers a treat, especially if you dine in one of the restaurants nestled beneath the arches of San Francisco and eat pan de cazón, a typical dish made with fried corn tortillas, habanero sauce, and of course, dogfish, which is a kind of shark. The arches are found at the former crossroads of the Camino Real, the route which connected the city of Campeche with Mérida, in the 16th century.

Our flights are direct between Cancun and Campeche, the hours of operation in the Campeche airport are from 08:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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